Saturday, 3 December 2016

Knox City Carols by Candlelight


This is our third year in a row of coming over the east side of Melbourne to Knox City's Carols by Candlelight. 

My grandfather was at Dads when we arrived and spoiled the kids with pack upon packet of lollies and chocolates. 

The kids absolutely loved the fireworks and together we sung Silent Night, Frosty the Snowman, Away in a Manger and Do you hear what I hear before the fireworks lit up the night sky! 

 I think this is a tradition we just have to keep going for years to come!!

Thanks Knox City Council for this wonderful family event! 
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Friday, 2 December 2016

Family Christmas Photos

I am so in love with the way these photos turned out! 

Which one is your favourite? 
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Nativity & Christmas Tree Decoration Day!

Happy 1st of December dear followers, friends and family..

In Feb this year my beautiful nieces, Jeanette and Janai moved in with us. So because they havent before spent Christmas with us and are new to our Christmas traditions, I thought it would be fitting for them to put the star up top of the tree. I'm so glad I captured this beautiful moment.

My son, Jiedyn was asleep yesterday as we decorated our home. But we did leave him a few bells and balls to put on when he woke later last night.

Justine at one point while decorating the tree layed beneath it to make the balls dangle underneath the tree. Altius (our big cat) joined her for a bit which also would have been a beautiful moment to capture but I was just enjoying it without fussing over where my phone was.

After the kids were done they went outside to play kick ball under the sprinkler so I fixed the tree.

They all loved it and stood admiring it and the rest of our home when they returned.

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2016 Advent Activities

Nativity & Christmas Tree Decoration Day
After school we open up our Christmas Boxes to decorate our home with things that remind us of how important Jesus is to not only us but to the world. The way, the Truth and the Life.. 

Christmas Photos
Dress up pretty and with props take photos around the Christmas tree.
Carols By Candlelight
Jump on the train to Pop's for Carols By Candlelight in Knox

Popcorn Surprise 
Leave popcorn on a movie vending machine.
Christmas Cards
20 Christmas Cards and Candy Canes will be given to each of the kids to write in and hand out to their friends and/or teachers.
YouTube Christmas
Together we will be looking up how other people around the world celebrate Christmas, watch funny Christmas vids and find interesting facts about Christmas.

Candy Cane Bombing
Put candy canes on parked cars to spread some holiday joy!
Donate cans to the local Food Bank
This year we are planning on giving our community something special for Christmas. Watch this Space.
Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows
A crowd favorite even though we celebrate our Christmas in Summer.
Christmas Festival
This is where we come together as a Community with rides, live bands and Carols by Candlight after 7pm. Really loved this last year!
Christmas Bath
Another tradition we love here at home..
School Christmas Concert
The kids School put on an end of year School Concert which 4 of the 6 kids will be part of this year. Can't Wait <3
Ginger Bread House
I'm thinking maybe more than one.. Maybe a Gingerbread village.
Donate Books
This year we are looking forward to giving some books to our local hospital and medical centre waiting rooms.

Read and Watch The Nativity
Lets read together and watch The Nativity together.

Spare change for the local Laundromat.
Helping our locals our with some coins for the washing machines and dryers today
Give to Melbourne Homeless
Head into the city and spend some time giving to those with nothing.
Popcorn Prayers
Let's thank God for the blessings in our lives.

Whipped Cream Fight
I'm thinking teams this year! Boys onto girls? Let's hear them Scream!
Shopping for Family
As in our parents and Pop.. And maybe Uncle Al..
Secret Santa 
This is a newbie. We will be exchanging gifts with our family friends who also have a large family like us. We'll have a spending cap and have to get creative with what to get for each other.
Car Wash
This year we're going to wash our neighbors cars as our way of saying thank you for always being there for us and for being such amazing neighbors. These guys really should know how much we appreciate them.
YouTube Christmas
Lets see what fun videos we can find around the world this year for Christmas.
Christmas Light Looking,
To get the kids excited for "Santa".
 Celebrate Jesus Birthday!
Wake up, 
sing Happy Birthday to our King, 
open our gifts 
and enjoy a BBQ with Pop!
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